3 books that I swear by

A little review for you today, not sponsored in any way, but these are 3 books that I have, over the years, found invaluable in crafting my skills as a writer, and given me the confidence to get up and get going. I’ve come back to each of these books time and time again, and will continue to do so.

On Writing – Stephen King

This isn’t strictly a book for copywriters, but it is a book for writers, and as a lifelong King fan, I’ve found this book useful in so many ways. Every time I’ve read this book, I’ve come away learning something different, and each time I’ve felt inspired to pick up a pen. I keep meaning to make some notes, but I get so caught up in the reading I don’t want to stop.

Whatever your writing genre, I’d recommend that you read this book. I can guarantee you’ll come away having learned something. 

Be a Free Range Human – Marianne Cantwell

Another book I’ve read more than once, a completely different spin on working freelance and getting away from the 9-5 mindset.

The book isn’t specifically about copywriting, more about chasing your dreams and career goals, whatever they might be. The author takes you through the journeys of several freelancers and how, by thinking outside the box, found their own niche and made a living out of following their passions.

Starting up on your own – Mike Johnson
I found this more useful on the practical side of freelancing. There are some wonderful insights on how to set up your own business, what not to waste your time and money on, and how to overcome the phobia of going out there and selling your product.

From setting up your shop window, through to invoicing and getting paid, and beyond, I can’t recommend this one highly enough. 

I hope I've inspired you to give some of those a go. They're on constant rotation on my reading list!

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