Tools of my trade

I’m always intrigued to hear how other freelancers work, there are so many variations on the working day, scheduling, priorities and the things we use every day to help us to get the work done. So here’s a little insight into the tools I use in my day as a freelance copywriter.


After my old laptop died at the end of last year, my lovely husband bought me a new one for my Birthday, and I love it! I’m still getting used to using Windows 10, I don’t find it as easy as the old Windows 7 I used before, but hey, I suppose I’ve got to move with the changes. Anyway, back on subject, I use my laptop for almost every element of my work, from research to social media to actually getting the work done!


As well as using my phone in the traditional sense, my iPhone is great for catching up with emails, social media, and even research on the go. I use the camera a lot, and it takes really great quality images. And the built in notebook as great for jotting down reminders or ideas when I’m not near my laptop. I wouldn’t be without it.

Hard Drive

I do save everything I’m working on onto a separate hard drive. Apart from having a copy of everything, I feel better knowing that if something goes wrong with my laptop (it happens), I’ll always be able to find my files on another device. Losing something you’re working on is stressful, and backing up my files saves me from having to worry about it.


This is a very recent addition to my arsenal. I used to use one notebook for ideas, drafts for projects and blog posts, to do lists… but I’ve been reading a lot around the web about effective ways to plan, and I came across an interesting concept called bullet journaling (I won’t bother posting links, there’s plenty of information on Google if you’re interested). So I’ve taken some of the elements as my own, and I have to say, it’s really working well so far. So I now have a separate planner in which I plan by month and by day, which is helpful in keeping track of my workload and planning.


In my notebook, I still write ideas and rough plans for blogs and projects, but because I no longer use it for everything, there’s less noise and it feels much cleaner. I think ideas come more easily when I use pen and paper – something about keyboard and screen blocks out the creative process, somehow? Maybe that’s just me.

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