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You should know by now that I am a big fan of having a blog as a marketing tool, and the fact that I use my own blogger site as my only online presence stands as proof that whether you choose to have a standalone blog (like this one), or have a blog page on your website, you can make it anything that you want it to be.

I have recently done a lot of work with my blog, some of which you will have seen already, and some that you will see over the coming months. I could go on and on about the versatility of it and the freedom it gives me to not only express myself, but give you information, guidance, and even entertainment through my posts.

I thought that today, I would share with you some of my favourite blogs, from varying industries, so that you might see how other people do it, and how they use them to inform, inspire, and ultimately, pursued their potential customers to buy from them!

If you’ve been thinking about adding a blog to your marketing arsenal, perhaps some of these will give you an idea of how you could do it.

Saloukee Jewellery

This is a perfect example of a blog from an independent Jewellery designer. It doesn’t push you into a sale, instead, it gives you a good mix of tips & advice, news, and style inspiration. The posts appear roughly once a month, which means subscribers are not bombarded with updates, but are reminded of the brand regularly.


Even the big boys are blogging! I wasn’t going to include this one, because I wanted to showcase smaller independent websites and blogs, but I think this one is worth a mention because it shows how a big company blog can work without being really salesy. Everyone already knows the brand, but it works to give information and advice not only on their products, but on taking care of your garden too.

Fox & Star

The thing I like about this blog is the clever way they have used their product in unique and creative ways in order to showcase their versatility. The images are beautiful, it’s well written and so very imaginative. If you’ve got the kind of product you can use in many ways like this, I think you’re on to a winner.

I haven’t been sponsored by any of the above companies, nor do I have any connection with them. I just wanted to give you some examples of how well blogs can work, and look great as part of your website.

I hope you feel inspired. If you would like help creating or writing for your blog, please do get in touch – I’d love to help!

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