A thought on blog images

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the images I use for this blog, as I’ve always taken the approach of searching for them online, which is sometimes trickier than it sounds. I worry about plagiarism and copyright, and even the images I’ve used up to now I’m not entirely happy about. So I’ve been doing a little research and have come to the conclusion that I can either pay someone for great quality images, or I can take my own photographs and use those. I’m favouring the latter option.

I thought that because I didn’t have a fancy camera (in fact, my pocket camera is really old, so my only option is my Iphone), I wouldn’t be able to take good enough images for my blog, but I’ve found that many other bloggers do this with great effects. Actually, it’s inspired me, because I’m not that great at taking photos, but some of the tips I’ve been reading have really helped.

So I’m continuing to research, and getting some practice in. Hopefully you’ll start to see the results soon.

The top tips so far are:
  1. Good Lighting, preferably daylight. Although for not too much money, you can get a lightbox set up if need be.
  2. Have your camera ready, always. If you are out and about, ‘on location’ images, and snapshots of relevant things can work well.
  3. Learn to edit. Because you can’t always see everything well on a phone screen, chances are that when you get the images up on your PC, you’ll notice that things are a little off, with the colours or the brightness or things in the image you’d rather were not there. So at the very least, you might need to crop, or adjust the image quality slightly.
Here are some useful links, if you’d like to learn a bit more about images for your own blog.




PS. The above image is not mine. But look out for those in future posts!!