On losing my direction (A heartfelt post)

Lately, things are not good with me. You may or may not know that as well as freelancing, I hold a part time job, and have a toddler, and juggling all of those things is proving too much. I don’t make enough money freelancing to quit my part time job, which is not going at all well, so on top of everything I’m having to look for a new job. And it’s soul destroying, and it’s frustrating, because it means that I have even less time to write.

As I mentioned in my earlier post about freelancing with a toddler, I started freelancing because I wanted to be able to earn my own money doing something I was passionate about, and have the flexibility to work around my childcare. Well, it’s really not working out that way. My writing work barely earns me pocket money each month, if I’m lucky.

I’m not saying that it’s going nowhere – when I think about how much I’ve achieved this year it’s phenomenal. And even though every day is getting me that little bit closer to my freelancing dream, things would be so much easier if I was happier in my other job. I knew it would be slow going, but I’m feeling the pressure to hurry things up, and that isn’t really possible. So I have to take my foot off the gas a little bit while I’m getting sorted out.

I’m digging my heals in here and saying that I am not giving up on freelancing – it’s the one thing that’s keeping me going – but guys, I’m drowning. Something has got to give.

My (vague) plan

You won’t be reading any more Monthly Assessments for a while, because my efforts are needed elsewhere. I have to put my energy into other stuff for a while, so forgive the lack of updates on the blog. I do have some posts scheduled, but it might be more sporadic than usual, at least for a while.

Although I will be keeping up with my freelancing projects, my hours will change slightly. I will still be responding to emails when I can.

I’m also letting some of my tweets be automated by Buffer. I’ve been doing this in part for a while, but I can’t always spend the time and effort worrying about what to tweet, so I will continue to do them in batches and try to weave in live tweets where I can.

The future

I’m very much hoping to change things on the part time job front soon. With any luck, I’ll get my mojo back and be more able to give more to my freelancing endeavours again.

I’m so sorry for the negative post today. Please bear with me, I’ll do my best to keep things ticking over here on the blog for you in the meantime.

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