Happy New Year and Plans for 2018

Well, that’s that for 2017. I left the year with mixed feelings really; my little copywriting business continued to grow, which is great, but it still doesn’t earn me enough to be able to quit my other part-time job. I know, it takes time. And thinking about some of the projects I’ve been involved with and the lovely new clients I’ve met, it was all in all a successful year.
Last year, I wrote about all sorts of subjects; I blogged about the energy sector, including the coal and oil industries, wind and solar power, the monetary and environmental costs of the energy we all use… I wrote a bio for a jewellery designer, a piece for an equestrian shoeing company, some descriptions for a holiday villa website, a piece for an online war game… and plenty of other exciting projects!
One area I didn’t do so well in was marketing. I really let it slide a bit this year, which probably explains the slow growth to some extent. My social media was pretty sporadic, I sent fewer emails to fewer people, and my blogging was pretty much non-existent. So this year, I will be putting a bit more energy into that.
Something else I want to improve on this year is my actual writing – my aim is to write something every day. I can’t even remember when I last sat down and just wrote something just for the joy of it. So I’m going to do more of that.

Fingers crossed I'll be posting more frequent updates over the coming months. So until next time, feel free to tweet, facebook, or email me, and why not save this blog to your favourites?

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