My focus word for 2019 #visibility

This is a little trick I picked up last month. I was in a bit of a funk about my marketing plan, and was searching for some fresh ideas to get my name out there. Because isn’t that what we all want as small businesses? To have our names in front of all those potential clients? Of course it is!

So I came across a fabulous online marketing coach called Helen Pritchard (her flash course on how to market with LinkedIn, by the way, is well worth doing!). Anyway, on reading her Facebook Page, she gave me the idea of having a focus word – the idea being that you have it somewhere visible, and then you use it in your everyday marketing. It’s there to help you to focus on what you need to achieve that year, to get you where you want to be. So I stole borrowed the idea for myself.

Thinking about it, it’s a great thing to practice for any small business. And that’s why I’m sharing it here.

My focus word is VISIBILITY. Why? Well, because what I need to be doing to get more business this year is to be more visible. So every time I sit at my desk, I have a printout of the word #VISIBILITY in front of me, and I know that before anything, I have to do something to get my name in front of someone. That can be on social media. It can be sending some emails telling people who I am and what I do. It can be sending something in the post. As long as I’m doing something to gain visibility, then that’s my aim.

Yours might be something completely different, depending on what you need to achieve. It might be #GROWTH. Or maybe #SUCCESS. Even #PROFIT (you could even go further and say #£2500PERMONTH).

The point is having that word somewhere you can see it will inspire you to keep that goal in the front of your mind when you’re doing you marketing. You know what you’re aiming for.
Why not try it for yourself? It might just surprise you. Here is the link for a web page with some inspirational focus words which might help you.

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