Top 3 blog killers

Want to know the biggest blog fails? Whether you’re thinking about starting a blog, or have already got one and are looking to improve your odds, it pays to know where bloggers typically go wrong, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.


You know what it’s like – you get so busy working in your business, you push working on your business to the bottom of the priorities list. So when you do get around to writing your blog, you do so in a hurry – and it shows. Snatching a spare half hour to write your blog really isn’t going to cut it, because it’s likely that you’ve spend zero time planning it properly, haven’t had time to research it, and haven’t bothered to check it for errors.

If you’re publishing your blog posts in a hurry, it will be obvious to your readers that you really don’t about the quality of content you are producing. So please don’t do it.


Have you ever heard the saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’? Yeah, there’s a reason for that.
I’ve seen a lot of businesses, small and large, put out sporadic blog content, which is just cobbled together from a vague idea. This is definitely the wrong way to write a blog.

You need to have a plan. Gather together your blog ideas, using keywords that you have researched, and lay it out in a way that is easy to digest.

Never write a blog just for the sake of getting some content out there – give value.


There are so many business owners who mistakenly think that because they run a business, they can write their own content. How hard can it be, right?

Let me tell you – there’s a very good reason why there are so many copywriters in the world. Don’t believe me Just Google the term ’copywriter’.

Copywriting is a skill. Most of us have spent years learning how to do it properly. Please don’t undermine us by thinking you can do the job better. This is more than just writing a few paragraphs and hitting publish. We know about research, sentence structure, grammar, SEO, keyword research, editing, and a whole lot of other stuff that the average business owner has no clue about.