Hiring a copywriter is not a luxury – it’s an essential!

Every company on the planet needs written content for their business. Website text, brochures, newsletters, blogs, social media posts…the list is endless. But if you are a small business owner (or even if you’re not!), where on earth do you start?

Many companies are beginning to see how vital it is to outsource the writing of their content for them, and here’s why:

Google algorithms want quality over quantity

A lot of business owners think that writing a blog post or web content is as simple as documenting all the facts and figures about their company, cramming in as much detail as they can, and talking about the big sell.

If that’s the kind of content you’re creating, sorry to say, Google won’t look on you favourably. All that will happen is that your website will be banished to page 8 (if you’re lucky), your customers won’t see you, and all of your competitors, who are creating quality content are getting pushed to the top of the Google pile, and are getting all of your customers buying form them instead.

Because you’re not just writing for your customers here, you’re writing for Google. And as such, you need to understand how Google works.

This is where outsourcing to an experienced copywriter comes in – because they will know all about things like Google algorithms, SEO (the words and phrases that your customers are searching for, and that are Google-friendly), and the language and tone that make your content stand out and get noticed.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, your poor writing can end up doing you more damage than you realise.

You don't have the right skillset

Seriously – just because you know how to run a business, it doesn’t follow that you are a skilled writer. I’ve seen some atrocious examples of DIY content on websites, blogs, brochures, even social media – and I always wonder how they’re managing to maintain a good income. Let’s get real – you might be a magnificent accountant, a fabulous plumber, an outstanding manufacturer of [insert item here] – and that’s great. That’s what makes you your bread and butter. 

But writing – that’ my skillset. I don’t know how to do accounts or plumb in a bathroom or put together a complex piece of machinery. And I wouldn’t try. So it baffles me how many business owners think they can write content for the internet. Do you see what I’m saying?

What hiring a great writer could do for you

Bad writing looks unprofessional. If people are searching for your business online, they will expect to see well-written and concise content, which enables them to trust your brand, and want to but from you.

If they don’t get that from you, they will simply buy from somebody else.

It’s important to know that nowadays, people are constantly connected via smart tech – that means the first thing they do when they hear about you is enter your name into Google. And if what they’re reading is crap, they won’t look any further. You’ve lost them.

Having a professional copywriter to create your web content and blogs can, if done right, drive more people to your website, and as long as you’ve got a prominent CTA, can quickly turn readers into customers. I’m not suggesting this all happens overnight – it’s often a long game – but I promise that you will see significant results. I’ve seen it for myself, my clients have reported that through the blogs that I’ve written for them, they’ve seen growth (50%, in one case) in readers to their websites.

It’s worth remembering that your content is a direct reflection of your business. It’s the first glimpse your customers have of you – their first impression of who you are. So make it a good one. Switching to a professional writer will elevate your standards online, and make a massive difference to your business.