How to come up with 10+ blog post ideas in the next 5 mins

As I write this, we are in the centre of a pandemic, which is changing the way we work, the way we live, and the way we behave. We’ve never before faced anything like it in our lifetimes, and so it natural that we feel the weight of uncertainty, especially about our businesses.

From huge corporations, down to tiny one-man businesses, we are seeing total shutdown of many industries while we are being told to stay in our homes, limit where we go, and keep away from friends and relatives.

So what does that mean for us? Can we still market ourselves?

The answer to that isn’t just YES, it’s absolutely vital that we do. Let me put it bluntly – IF YOU STOP MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS NOW, YOUR BUSINESS IS LIKELY TO FAIL.

I’ll go further into this subject over the coming days and weeks, but let’s get back to what we’re here to talk about today. Because I believe that it is so important that we keep up with blogging for our business, even now. Think about it – people are at home, business is quiet, perhaps even non-existent. 

They’re searching the internet for something to take them out of the situation – something they can read, that they can relate to. Your blog post could be that for them.

So let’s get started – how can you find 10+ blog post ideas in the next 5 minutes….

Think about your customers

What questions do your customers most frequently ask you? What do they want to know about? What do they struggle with? Write down those questions – there’s your blog topic.

Ask Google

Let’s say you own a nail salon. Your clients will be looking up how they can do their own nails while the salon is shut.

Open Google. Type in something that you think your clients are likely to be searching for…let’s say ‘nail art’. What you’ll get is a list of predictions on Google based on what’s popular (see example). You can use any one of these to write your blog about.

Get Social

We’ve all got at least one social media platform that we use, but are you aware of how powerful they can be as search engines in their own right?

Open Twitter and search using hashtags – see what inspires you!

I’m sure using those method, you’ll come up with loads of new ideas! And if you need someone to write the content for you, please contact me – I’d love to help!

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