How publishing LinkedIn Articles can benefit your business

Over recent years, LinkedIn has become a big player for businesses of all sizes and industries. For those who run B2B companies, it’s become the platform of choice, and used well, can bring in high quality leads, and allow customers all over the world to buy from you.

But I believe there is one vital component that thousands of businesses are missing out on. Because while they are becoming expert in producing live content via posts, images, and video, we all know that the organic reach of ordinary posts, while perhaps not as fleeting as Facebook or Twitter, has a pretty short lifespan.

As well as this, you’re pretty limited in how much you can write in an ordinary post, and it’s not always easy for you to get the whole of your message across, or to go into as much depth as you would like to.

So, what’s the answer? 

LinkedIn has provided its users with a fabulous tool, one which, if you already spend a portion of your time nurturing leads through LinkedIn, can become a good alternative (or lead-in) to your website’s blog page.

Yes, LinkedIn Articles is brilliant for all kinds of businesses who either use the platform as their main lead generating tool, or are looking for a way to drive people to their website and/or blog.

But so few people are using it.

Why they work

You might have objections. Why on earth should you put the effort in to writing articles for LinkedIn?

How about these for starters?

  • You can build authority on a platform where you’re already known
  • You have a ready-built audience to read your content
  • It’s simple to use, you don’t need any design skills
  • The format is ready-made, you just type your article straight onto the page
  • You can insert an image….but you don’t have to

I already have a blog

Well then your job is even easier! You can (and should) share your blog posts on LinkedIn, too. This is a great way to drive people to your website, while having the benefits or relating to your audience on LinkedIn.

You don’t have to choose. Most people publish both blogs and LinkedIn articles, and therefore get the best of both worlds – publishing for their established LinkedIn audience, as well as pleasing the SEO gods, benefiting from Google Indexing.

If you have neither a blog nor LinkedIn articles, I urge you to at least do one, and actually, LinkedIn give you a great platform to cut your teeth. If you publish good content, and are consistent, then you can move on to blogging for your own website, too.