My most popular blog post of 2020


I was quite surprised that when I looked at my blog statistics for the past year, the most popular post was one that I wrote at the beginning of 2019.

For those of you who are interested, it was this one, with the title ‘Why do I need a blog for my small business’.

I think that the title itself helped in its popularity, as it’s quite searchable. But I’ve no doubt that this year in particular, small businesses have been searching out new ways in which to enhance their content, and look for new ways to get people to find them online.

It’s funny how the pandemic has changed things – we’ve all been online for years, but now we really see the importance of it, and the impact it can have.

I’d like to expand on this subject in the near future – things have evolved since I wrote it, and I’ve learned a whole lot more on the subject. So be sure to look out for that – save me to your bookmarks!



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