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If your creative business doesn’t have a blog, you’re missing out on a potentially huge audience. These days, where most of us rely on social media to market what we do, it’s easy to slip into a false sense of security – but by only posting on social media, you are doing more damage than you might think.

Social media has two main disadvantages. Firstly, it doesn’t belong to you. If Facebook decides to shut down your account (and it can), you’ve lost not only your content, but all the people on your contacts list. And in business terms, that means you’ve lost all your potential customers.

Secondly, the lifespan of a social media post is very short. A post can live from anywhere from 8 minutes to a few hours depending on the platform – so you’re relying on the right people seeing your post within that time. And that’s not even going into the whole argument about algorithms and statistics.

But I’m getting way off subject here! The point is, there are so many advantages to having a regular blog, but many of us struggle when it comes to finding subjects to blog about. So I’ve created a list of subject ideas you can try for your next blog posts right here – enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Think about what your clients or customers tend to ask you before they buy from you. If you’re new or don’t know, then Google FAQ for [insert your industry here] – I guarantee you’ll get a whole load of inspiration. Simply create blog posts which answer some of these questions.

Industry trends and updates

No matter what kind of industry you work in, there are bound to be specific changes which happen along the way. If you’re a photographer, there will be style trends, camera upgrades etc., web designers might experience different types of design emerging, or advances in tech, people in industries such as building, architecture, electrics, plumbing, will all have to deal with legislations and laws relating to their industries…and people will want to know that you know about those things.

Behind the scenes

You can absolutely blog about stuff that’s specific to your business – in fact, people love reading that kind of stuff! Share things about what you’ve been doing within your business, how you work, changes to your workspace, new team members etc.


Like this one, blog posts don’t have to be straightforward articles – you can create useful lists of tips and advice that people can follow.

Highlight past projects or customers

Shine a light on some of your best work. Describe the process you went through to create the finished product, or talk about how you came to work with some of your favourite clients.

Share upcoming plans

If you’re changing something or launching something new, give your readers insight into that. This can act as a teaser to encourage them to check back when you launch.

I hope you find this article useful – let me know if you try any of them (link me in, I’d love to read them!).

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