How do I repurpose my blog posts?


Are you writing blog posts to publish on your website and then just…letting them sit there? I’m here to tell you today that there’s so much more you can be doing with your blog posts to encourage more readers, share your knowledge, and get a whole lot more mileage out of your current content bank. And it’s really not difficult to do at all.

So, if you are guilty of writing blog posts and then walking away and forgetting about them, here are some ideas of what you could be doing instead to massively increase your visibility and get tonnes more mileage out of your blog.

  1. Use your blog content to create social media posts – sure, you can simply share the link to your blog posts, but there’s so much more you can do with it! Pull some quotes and relevant information from it and ask for your followers to comment. You could even use Canva to do an eye-catching graphic to go with it.
  2. Film a quick video giving an overview of what your blog posts is about. Then give the link to the full post so they can go and read it.
  3. If a bunch of your blog posts have a theme or are part of a series, use them to create an eBook.
  4. Go back to some of your old posts, and give them an update. Do a follow-on post, or just re-write it giving more information – as a bonus, you can link to the original post.
  5. Use your newsletter, and share your posts with your email list.
  6. Start a podcast.
  7. Republish on your LinkedIn profile as an article – you have a ready-made audience right there, ready to read your posts!

All of these ideas are easy to do – why not give some of them a try? Let me know how you get on!

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