5 benefits of blogging for a small business

Is it really worth having a blog for your small business? Of course! I truly believe that businesses that don’t blog regularly, or worse not at all, are missing out on a golden opportunity for their online content marketing. Still need convincing? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should try blogging for your small business.

1. Blogging brings traffic to your website

Have you ever wondered why some people’s websites get to the first page on Google? Well, it’s all to do with how easy those people make it for the search engine to recognise what their content is about, and how new (and therefore relevant) that content is. And the best way to do that – in case you haven’t guessed – is blogging.

Think about it. What do you see when you put a question into the Google search box? I’m willing to bet that the majority of links that you’re offered are blog articles. Go on, check. I’ll wait…

The more high-quality articles you can produce within your niche, the better chance you have of being favoured by Google, and therefore easier for people to find when they ask a question you can answer.

2. Blogging showcases your knowledge

Have you heard the term ‘Know, like and trust’? It’s the foundation of all marketing, where the goal of every piece of content you produce should move your potential customers to know you, like you, trust you, and therefore be confident in buying from you.

By writing blog posts showing people that you are knowledgeable about what you do, you’re telling them that yours is a brand that can be trusted. Writing in a personable way helps them to like you. Writing regularly about your subject allows them to get to know you.

When people want to learn about your particular industry, you want to make it easy for them to think of you, and no one else. Blogging is a great tool for helping you to achieve that.

3. You’ll have more content for your social media channels

One of the things I know that people struggle with is what to post on social media. They know that in order to be noticed, posting regularly across their chosen channels is vital. Social media is fleeting, and it’s hard to be heard above the noise.

Great news for those of you who blog, because each and every blog post on your website can give you at least 10 social media posts. Yes, you read that right – your blog is a gold mine for social media content!

Not only can you (and you should) post a link or 2 directing people to your blog posts, but you can copy and paste snippets of information, whether they are short sentences or whole paragraphs. And you can also repurpose those with images, as quotes, as polls, as questions…. the possibilities are endless!

No more wondering what the heck to write on your Facebook or Instagram – it’s all there waiting for you!

4. Your blog helps you build your email list

If you’re looking to grow an email list of people that you can send regular newsletters or targeted emails to, then your blog is an excellent way of doing this.

People who get value from your blog articles will naturally be interested in what else you can give them, and are easy converts for your list.

This can be as simple as ending your blog posts with a line like ‘If you enjoyed this and would like more of the same, why not sign up for my newsletter, where I talk about…’

Alternatively, you could use your blog as an opportunity to upsell a lead magnet, which could be in the form of a cheat sheet, checklist, or eBook.

5. Blogging shows people who you are, beyond your brand

People buy from people. Remember that ‘know, like and trust’ we talked about earlier? Reading your blog posts will let people see your personality, and get to know you as a person, rather than just a brand.

Share your stories and experiences, give people your own personal views on your subject. When someone picks up the phone to buy from you, they will already feel like they know you.

Blogging is a useful tool for your business

I truly believe that blogging is the most valuable tool for your brand, no matter what you sell or how small or large your business is. People are constantly reading content on their phones – when they have their morning coffee, on the Tube going to work, during their lunch break.

Your blog helps to raise your brand reputation. It shows people that you are the go-to expert in your industry.

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