Reasons to hire a copywriter


“Why should I hire a copywriter? How would it benefit my business? And what does a copywriter do, anyway?”

If you’ve been running any kind of business for more than ten minutes, you’ve probably heard at least a dozen times how hiring a copywriter to write content and marketing material for you is absolutely the best investment you can make.

I’m not arguing with that – but then again, I might be just slightly biased!

You might wonder though – is it really worth it? Hiring a copywriter is expensive; and besides, you can do all that stuff yourself, right?

The difference between small businesses and large businesses is this: Most, if not all large corporates have a marketing team, who has at least one person employed to write all of their content for them. They never ‘wing it’, let their social media posts lapse for a few weeks, or forget to blog. They don’t have an ‘it’ll do’ attitude to their website by writing a shoddy ‘about’ page. They know how bloody important these things are, and they have professionals in place to make sure they’re done right, all of the time.

It doesn’t matter how small or big your business happens to be. You need to be consistently trying to market and sell your stuff and make it stand out amongst your competitors. And right now, content marketing is where it’s at.

What does a copywriter do that I can’t do myself?

Sure, there are a lot of small business owners who are quite capable of writing blog posts and updating their own social media, right? The difference with a copywriter is that we also have additional knowledge of things like SEO, how algorithms work, persuasive copy, headline writing, and a whole plethora of other stuff that will help your content rank better than something that’s been written by someone without this specialist knowledge.

How would hiring a copywriter benefit my business?

There are several benefits of hiring a copywriter for your business, regardless of the size or industry. Here are just a few:

Hiring a copywriter saves you time

When you hire a copywriter, you’re employing somebody who writes for a living. Whether I’m writing a social post, a web page, or a blog post, I know where to look for the information I need to research my subjects, keyword and SEO, and how to write the piece so that it is searchable and hits home with your target audience. If you were doing that yourself, it would likely take you a lot longer than it does for me, because I do this every day.

You get cohesive, error-free copy

There’s nothing more off-putting than reading someone’s website and finding that their home page and their blog feels like it’s been written by two different people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read a formal-sounding website, and then clicked through to a blog page that has a casual, funky vibe. It just doesn’t gel.

A copywriter knows that a brand’s copy needs to be of the same voice and tone. It needs to be blatantly obvious that every piece of content, from the website, the blog pages, social posts, and even printed text, needs to sound like you, and you alone.

As well as this, having your copy full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will make you look really unprofessional. Often, even the most skilled business owners can miss glaring errors when they rush to get content onto their website because they simply don’t have time to go back and check it.

Get endless fresh ideas

You know what it’s like – you sit down staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write for your next blog post/social post…and nothing.

Copywriters work with a lot of brands, often in the very same industry as you. Therefore, we have a good idea of what other people in your industry are talking about. We know exactly where to go to find new ideas for your content, that will give your readers value and make them want to learn more about your brand. We can easily key into what your customers want, need, and are interested in.

So there you go. Some pretty compelling reasons why you really should consider hiring a copywriter for your business. If you think it’s the right move for you, and would like to chat about how I could help you, get in touch!

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